Lillian Grepne underviser i sprang.

my riding lessons I try to get a positive learning situation for both the horse and rider. Riding is not an easy skill to acquire, but it is the most fun when you get it right. It takes quite a long time to get the ”Big Picture” of how things work with the horse and rider and it requires a lot of both of them. For me it is essential to work together and in harmony with the horse. He will learn to understand through my aids – weight, legs and hands what I would like to do. I do not condone any use of violence in my work with horses – he will always learn far more from a rider who is patient, kind and firm. I teach on all levels within dressage and jumping. I use a headphone and can teach up to 5 people in a lesson if required.


I am often asked to give theori lectures for riding clubs or schools. The topics can be anything related to horses & riding and the talk will be adjusted to suit the levels of group attending. For futher questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Online lectures

Through the past year I have had online lectures for the Norwegian Equestrian Federation, Equitanus – online horsemanship and for privat riding clubs. I have had a lot of students attending as people really want to learn more about horses and riding.

Here are some of the topics we have talked about:

How can I as a rider help my horse to find better balanse.

The horses exterior and its internal organs seen for a riders point of view

The training scales.

Starting the young horse, 3 – 4 year old.

The young horse 4- 6 years old.

Foredrag i Køln. Foto: Pferde-Welt-Online.de
Lecture in Køln. Foto: Pferde-Welt-Online.de